A prayer for Paris, a prayer for humanity, a prayer to rid ourselves of insanity. This is not Islam. There is no room for hate in religion if religion is to be taken seriously. The very notion of hate in religion is a contradiction. All religions teach love and acceptance. The terrorists responsible for the murders in Paris are just that, terrorists. They do not belong in the category of religion. These are disenfranchised, lost children who are seduced into a cult that makes them feel they have meaning and purpose. We can see the same thing on our streets with gang culture, and just like gang culture, ISIS is our own creation. This madness will end only when we drop all labels, remove all concepts of otherness, and realise that we are all the same, no mater what colour we are, no matter what class, no matter what religion or belief system we follow. No matter how loving or how hateful, we are all one. The terrorists are one side of a rusty coin, one end of a endlessly swinging seesaw. They are the mirror image of a world of extreme secularism, run by greed, baron of any spirituality and connection with nature. What we have is one extreme fighting the other. The religion of militant materialism and nihilism hold the reigns over our society. Believing we can know everything and that everything that hasn’t been proven yet simply does not exist, that because we label something, we somehow now control it. That if we own the world and its resources, we have control over the uncontrollable. Our arrogance is blinding us, we look at a star and think because we can measure the heat it emits, we now understand it. We have created a world full of labels to anaesthetise us to the deep abyss of mystery that is our universe, of shiny things to distract us from true wealth. In the city at night we look up to the sky and see no stars, blinded by the lights from the buildings and the cars we forget where we are. Our society lives off the opiates of reality TV shows which are anything but reality, living for the weekend, meaningless sex because we cant really connect. The religion of Science, in the same way the church reacted to the suggestion that the Earth was not the centre of the universe, vilifies any hint of thinking differently, of understanding the universe on the experiential level. On the other side of the seesaw is a gross mutation of religion, into something blinded and so full of hate, with people committing mass murder because others cant relate, because of a difference of opinion, a difference of culture. Both Science and Spirituality need to meet in the middle. There is no bearded man in the sky who throws lightning bolts at us, nor is what we see, smell taste and feel all there is. However, these terrorists under the guise of Islam are far from spiritual. They are incredibly dangerous, toxic and contagious. The answer isn’t as simple as putting daisies in the barrels of their AK’s, sometimes evil must be eradicated using force. Victory over the Nazis is testament to that. We must remember though, that it was the Nazi ideology, not the German people who needed to be defeated. Similarly, it is the extremist ideology, not Islam that needs to be defeated. It is extremist Capitalism, greed itself, that we need to be rid of, not money, and if we can do that without shedding any more blood, the cycle of bloodshed will end. We need to evolve as a species, we are infantile, resorting to petty squabbles over pointless things. We have created this vast complex society, full of wondrous technology, yet at our core we are depressed, hateful, and filled with anxiety. We are driven by the lust for power in order to quell the complexes about ourselves as both individuals and as a species. We have created all of this, put all of these labels on ourselves, yet we still have no idea why we are alive, what this universe is and what lies in wait for us after our body dies. We realise our intelligence, yet at the same time we realise that we know nothing. We are terrified, and so we take it out on ourselves, which leads us to take it out on each other. The ripples get larger until it spans the entire globe. We are one consciousness, a collective hive, a swarm that moves with the majority, so whatever we think as individuals, influences the entire species. Whatever reality we live in is the reality of the world we live in. We need to stop, observe and laugh at our follies. Laugh at the absurdity of such pointless hate, laugh at our own inability to love ourselves. The battle is being fought both on an external level and on an internal level. Terrorist attacks take place in our minds daily, always trying to sabotage and destabilise. We need to recognise when we are attacking ourselves and not give any fuel to it. Fear is spreading like a virus, in reaction to the killings in Paris, people blinded by hate set fire to the refugee camp in Calais, no doubt pointing the finger at an entire religion, when it is not the fault of the religion, but a cancerous growth within the religion. If this sort of thing continues, we will be engulfed by hate on all sides. What happened in Paris is horrific. What happened in the Middle East is horrific. What happened in the slave trade, in the holocaust, in the once free lands of the Americas, of Australia is horrific, not to mention the suffering we inflict on billions of other sentient beings. We have drifted apart from nature and are creating a reality full of fear, hatred and suffering. It is not just one group of people who is responsible for the events in Paris. It is the culmination of thousands of years of hatred between one another, between different nations, between different tribes, different ways of living, thousands of years of self loathing and hate towards ourselves. We need to look at each other for who we really are, we are one another, and we need to stop taking it out on each other, we need to stop taking it out on ourselves. The tide is turning. The process is happening. Bubbling up is the ancient suffering. We must not react to it with hate, it will one day be gone, and in its place, love, compassion, unity and grace. We have created Hell on earth from living in fear. All we need to live in Heaven is a change of perception. It is here already if one looks at all the love and beauty in the world. Once the balance shifts and enough people see the world through the eyes of love and have love for themselves and others, the physical world will merge with the dominant reality. Yes, there will be people who try and pull us back into insanity, people who will try and take away our humanity and distract us from the correct path, people who will try and pull us back into the dark. There will be events in our lives that tempt us into negativity, there will be sad times and there will be pain, but it is our decision whether we follow this pain and give it fuel, whether we live in fear, or whether we rise above and let love rule. There will be a lot of hatred spreading over the murders in Paris, however history has taught us that you can’t fight fire with fire. Rally cries of revenge only result in more revenge in an ever-lasting cycle of suffering. This whole situation is a result of trading blows. The only way to heal is through compassion, to say no to negative reaction, in both the outer and inner world. Not just to the terrorist attacks in France, or to the countless other less reported atrocities happening elsewhere, the murderers, the rapists, the robbers on our streets and the murderers in government that have bombed away countless innocent lives, raped lands and robbed livelihoods, but also to our own negative thoughts and behavioural patterns that we live out each day. We each need to be beacons to look to, role models to follow, we need to slay our own demons so we can invite others to do the same. We need to laugh at our negativity, embrace our positivity. Our collective heart is broken for the people who were murdered in Paris, for all the people who die that we don't hear about in the media, for loved ones passed away, for lives lived full of pain, and for our own individual suffering. Billions of stories that will never be told, stories of such pain but also stories of such joy and billions more stories waiting to unfold. We are all going to die, some of us will reach the end clinging on, terrified over the uncertainty of what is behind the curtain, full of regret, full of resentment, full of fear. Some of us will die with a smile on our face, in the knowledge that nothing really matters, that life is all just a grand cosmic dance, and that all there is, is love, all we are is love, there is no him and her, that or those, it is all one, it is all the universe, we are the universe. We are creation itself, and we can create whatever we feel. There is no reason why living beings must suffer, we have the resources and the intelligence to end world hunger, to cure diseases, to end ignorance and to explore space both outside and within. It’s all a matter of perception. It starts with us. We hold the power, because we are all we are and all we need to be. Look through the eyes of love, not fear. Heaven on Earth is but a blink away.