Professional Filmmaking Serivices

I have worked as an independent filmmaker since 2015, and can create professional and unique work, directing, shooting and editing. I have worked with various talent including Louis Theroux, Claire Balding and David Morrisey, and have been commissioned by the likes of Boston Consultancy Group, Expert Impact, The Bike Project and Flowers Gallery to name but a few. 

As a musician, not only can I also provide the soundtracks to the videos I make, but I can also give the videos a rhythm, and as a comedian, I can provide a unique humour to any video if needs be!

From social impact documentaries to music videos and event promos, I can provide engaging and exciting content for you and your brand.


My gear includes 

Sony A7Siii (recently upgraded from the Sony A7rii) with wide range of lenses

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

GoPro MAX 360 VR Camera


Please contact me at henryaksmith@gmail.com to enquire about any commissions.